Shark 攻击, surfer kicking for his life?

今日澳大利亚一些报纸的头条新闻 "澳大利亚的鲨鱼袭击使职业冲浪者瑞安·亨特(Ryan Hunt)终其一生""顶住鲨鱼袭击后幸存下来的冲浪者"
Surfer undergoes surgery after 鲨鱼 攻击 near Old Bar, NSW. 


这些报告说明了类似 “一名冲浪者幸免于难 鲨鱼 攻击 after kicking it in 的 head as he rode a wave. Ozzie Ryan Hunt, 20, was 攻击ed by a 鲨鱼 while surfing at Wallabi Point in New South Wales. The 兽 went for his foot repeatedly during 的 恐怖的 incident at around 5.30pm, biting through 的 board."
"鲨鱼袭击澳大利亚后,一名年轻的专业冲浪者叫瑞安·亨特(Ryan Hunt)为他的生命踢了下去,因为鲨鱼在海浪中不断为他返回。"

Wow, sounds like this guy was lucky 和barely escaped with his life! Of course, after reading 的 reports a little more carefully, you get 的 real story. After writing 的 headline "澳大利亚的鲨鱼袭击使职业冲浪者瑞安·亨特(Ryan Hunt)终生踢球" "询问"状态  "这位20岁的冲浪者说,鲨鱼袭击是在他黄昏黄昏冲浪时发生的。据亨特说,他是“非常不幸站在鲨鱼上’s head”而在澳大利亚新南威尔士州沿海的Wallabi Point。毋庸置疑,鲨鱼对人类的点头感到非常高兴。"

所以这个家伙实际上踩到了鲨鱼的头,好吧,仍然很幸运,在被这咬伤之后摆脱了自己的生活"兽".  How big was that 兽? 好吧,让我们看看他们对尺寸的评价。“I tried to kick it off 和it bit down again 和then it swam up between my legs. I had my hands trying to push down its head, it was about 10 inches wide.”


以及在这种情况下遭受的伤害如何"恐怖的" "攻击"?

当然,'不错,但是通过阅读标题,'d expect much worse. As to calling this a 鲨鱼 攻击, seems to me that 的 鲨鱼 was just reacting to being stepped on 的 head.

Surfer 攻击s 鲨鱼, would have been a more appropriate headline.


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