保罗·沃森(Paul Watson)和“Ady Gil”

那里有很多保护组织,都在为自己的事业筹集资金。它's rare that you see a call to sign a petition etc. that is not automatically asking you for money, after you signed it. There is nothing inherently wrong with asking for money, because there are cost involved with saving the oceans. With some groups however, making money seems to be the main purpose, regardless of who, or what they hurt in the process. Take the following example.

在2010年,艾迪·吉尔”,由 海洋守护者协会 与日本捕鲸船相撞"湘南丸2"然后沉没了一段时间"SSCS"一直声称对汽车造成的碰撞伤害"艾迪·吉尔" is what caused her to sink and maintained that the Japanese intentionally rammed their vessel.

There is video evidence that the collision itself was actually caused by the captain of the "艾迪·吉尔",通过加速进入"湘南丸2"在最后一刻。在此视频中,您可以看到"艾迪·吉尔"停在水中,在碰撞发生前不久,船后有白水,这表明它已经与道具接触并加速前进,直驶入日本船的航道。 

This video has led some people to accuse SCCS of intentionally causing this accident to create publicity for their "鲸鱼战争"电视节目并从支持者那里筹集资金。一世'我没有指责"艾迪·吉尔"试图故意撞向日本舰。虽然我认为's more likely that he wanted to cut right in front of it to get some dramatic TV footage and simply miscalculated, the claim that SSCS created this whole event gained some credibility, when in the aftermath of the sinking, 皮特·白求恩, the captain of the "艾迪·吉尔" came out and stated that he deliberately sank the vessel on the orders of 保罗·沃森.

Sea Shepherd maintained that the "艾迪·吉尔"由于在碰撞过程中受到的破坏而沉没,他们竭尽全力挽救它。 为了回应白求恩的录取,SSCS发布了 声明 沃森。它的部分内容为: "So why has Bethune decided to make such an accusation to the media and the public that I ordered him to sink the 艾迪·吉尔?

The answer is obvious. I fired him the day before for providing false 声明s to the Japanese police. He then threatened to make this allegation against me if I did not reinstate him. I refused. In fact, I sent Bethune’媒体发布威胁之前。"

听完白求恩's confession, 艾迪·吉尔,一个向SSCS捐款100万美元并以船名命名的人最终 起诉 他们为船只的损失。经过多年的来回回访,去年9月,本案的仲裁员终于下达了 裁决 现已公开。

该裁决包括对保罗·沃森的严厉评估: "仲裁员找到沃森先生’关于某些事件的回避,内部矛盾或与他自己先前的书面声明相抵触的证词,在某些领域中根本缺乏本能地激发信心和信任的真实性的基本标志"

所以现在我们知道 保罗·沃森 ordered the deliberate sinking of the "艾迪·吉尔"

几天以前, 查克·斯威夫特, former captain of the Sea Shepherd vessel "鲍勃·巴克"也出来并公开承认"艾迪·吉尔"因其所扮演的角色而被故意下沉并在Facebook上公开道歉。 

YES. I, along with 皮特·白求恩 and Luke VanHorn, did board the vessel 艾迪·吉尔 and intentionally scuttled it. We sank the vessel 艾迪·吉尔 and lied to everyone inside and outside of SSCS to cover that truth. 您可以阅读他的全部陈述 这里

Why was it so important to 保罗·沃森 to sink the "艾迪·吉尔"? 在接受沃森先生的要求之前, (故意破坏该船) Mr. Swift recalls that he asked Mr. Watson, “为什么这对您如此重要?”,沃森先生回答,“我们的听众需要关闭。” 我想这说明了   where 保罗·沃森'的优先事项是。娱乐听众比他声称关心的更重要。当然,沃森(Watson)对"关闭"他向电视观众提供了一个公然的谎言,而他没有'毫不犹豫地用那个谎言筹集资金。  

从裁定: Of course, whatever the rationale for deceiving the viewing public (which might be presumed to understand that “reality shows”并不实际反映现实) 

Here are some excerpts from the arbitrators 裁决, that offer insight into the reasons the SSCS wanted to scuttle the "艾迪·吉尔"如何"真实" "鲸鱼战争" 真实ly is.

the evidence suggests that the 艾迪·吉尔 was unlikely to sink for any appreciable period of time, notwithstanding the damage she incurred from the collision with the Japanese fleet  

船员’s thinking
(to scuttle to 艾迪·吉尔) 似乎直接受到了Animal Planet电影摄制组的影响,这给SSCS带来了无与伦比的公众曝光,并大大扩展了其筹集资金的可能性。  

通过 contrast, the collision of the Shonan Maru #2 with the 艾迪·吉尔 already had captured unparalleled media attention, with Mr. Watson giving interviews from the Steve Irwin and 皮特·白求恩 taking non-stop media calls on board the 鲍勃·巴克. The crew was acutely aware that the sinking of the 艾迪·吉尔 would create the occasion for more dramatic 真实ity television  

Indeed, Mr. Swift testifies that “在我们导致保罗屈服的讨论/争论中’s order to sink the 艾迪·吉尔, he was telling me ... ‘哦,媒体对此很棒。’” 

Paul’s a genius, and he’尤其是媒体天才。有时他’心胸开阔,有时,他’不是。而且,当他把心思放在某件事上时,’就像斗牛犬下颚不稳,我无法改变主意,这就是为什么我最终执行了他的命令的原因 

As for the scene in "鲸鱼战争", where Bethune and Swift discussed abandoning the ship: 在动物星球工作人员在场的情况下,白求恩先生和斯威夫特先生进行讨论的结果是决定为摄像机拍摄这个场景。 他们说,我们只需要创建一个场景,就好像您要决定放弃这艘船一样。我从鲸鱼战争的角度知道,……船长决定放弃船是一个非常有力的场面。我一起去了
仲裁员提出了这种想法。 Of course, whatever the rationale for deceiving the viewing public (which might be presumed to understand that “reality shows” do not actually reflect 真实ity), there was no legal or moral justification for deceiving Claimants, the owners of the 艾迪·吉尔.

So we know that SSCS and 保罗·沃森 have no problem deceiving their supporters and the viewers of "鲸鱼战争" who think that the series is an actual documentary. 什么 is interesting to find out is that they equally have no problem with throwing their own employees, donors and volunteers under the bus, blaming them for their own actions.

There are many great organizations working to save the oceans and it'居民,我鼓励支持他们。在选择要支持的对象之前,请仔细检查它们。 


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